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PUBG Mobile is one of the best games in battle royale community. The game has hit a few peaks and has become very successful, offering players high-quality graphics and smooth gameplay.

In the Royale Pass section, developers usually offer lots of new outfits, weapon skins, bagpacks and helmets as well as Uc and other items. With every new season, a new Royale pass is also released in the game and the rewards list gets updated.

This article lists the RP rewards of PUBG Mobile Season 19 from 1 to 100.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 1 to 100 RP rewards

Rank 1

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

The 1 RP rank reward in Season 19 is a cool looking outfit, Garden Observer Set, and a Insect Queen Mini14 skin.

Rank 5

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

Garden Observer Headpiece is available at rank 5 of the Elite Pass rewards.

Rank 10

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

At RP rank 10, Elite Royale Pass holders will receive emote, called General Beetle.

Rank 20

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On reaching rank 20, players will get an ornament skin, named Cased in Amber Ornament. 

Rank 30

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The rank 30 reward for free RP players is a parachute called Scarab Totem Parachute, while the Elite Pass players will also get a Backpack skin called Gemstone Scarab Backpack.

Rank 40

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

The rank 40 reward is a plane finish, named Ancient Vine. For the free RP reward, they will be rewarded with three classic crate scrapes. 

Rank 45

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

On rank 45 players will get a UMP45 weapon skin named Aline UMP45 as the free RP reward.

Rank 50

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

The rank 50 reward in the Season 19 Royale Pass of PUBG Mobile is a mythic outfit called Insect Queen Set. This is one of the best prizes of the Season 19 Elite Royale Pass.

Rank 60

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

Bug Exterminator Grenada skin is available at rank 60 of Elite Pass.

Rank 70

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

The rank 70 Elite Pass reward is a helmet skin named Crimson Beetle Helmet.

Rank 80

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

On reacing rank 80 players will get Insect Queen emote is only available for the Elite Pass players.

Rank 90

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

The RP rank 90 reward is one of the best-looking AKM weapon skin named, Wonderland-AKM.

Rank 100

Image via Mad TamizhaYT

The exclusive General Beetle set is available at the ultimate 100th rank level of the Elite Pass.

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