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PUBG Mobile: Season 19 Confirmed Royale Pass and Tier Rewards Leaks

Battle Royal, PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in the world. The game has garnered over a billion downloads. It offers high-definition graphics and smooth gameplay. 

Every season, dev introduce a new Royale Pass, which comes with new outfits, weapon skins, bagpack, heltmet and other items. The ongoing season 18 of the game will end on 15 May, and the season 19 is expected to arrive on 17 May.

In this Post, we will take a look at Season 19 confirmed royale pass and tier rewards leaks.

PUBG Mobile: Season 19 Royale Pass Rewards


RP Rank 1 Reward

The 1 RP rank reward in Season 19 is a epic outfit, Garden Observer Set.

RP Rank 50 Reward

The rank 50 reward in the Season 19 Royale Pass of PUBG Mobile is a cool looking outfit called Trendy Kitty Set.

RP Rank 100 Reward

In every season most awaited outfit in Royal Pass is 100rp Outfit. On reaching rank 100, players are given a choice to choose between two mythic outfits the General Beetle set and the Insect Queen set.


RP Rank 1 Reward

The 1 RP rank reward is a Mini14 weapon skin called Insect Queen-Mini14.

RP Rank 90 Reward

The RP rank 90 reward is one of the best AKM weapon skin named, Wonderland-AKM.

PUBG Mobile: Season 19 Tier Rewards 

Gold Tier Reward

The Gold Tier reward for Season 19, is a great cool-looking outfit. Players will need to complete five matches while in the Gold tier to receive the outfit and the next season of the game, players will get 600 silver fragments.

Platinum Tier Reward

The platinum Tier reward for Season 19, players will get a matching mask for the Gold tier outfit and the next season of the game, Players will get 800 silver fragments.

Diamond Tier Reward

On reaching the Diamond tier, players will get an incredible M249 skin. It is one of the best weapon in the game and the next season of the game players will get 1000 silver fragments.

Ace Tier Reward

The Ace tier reward for Season 19 is a parachute skin with season 19 written on it in stylish fonts. Players will also receive a Season 19 Ace title, a legendary team effect, and a Season 19 Ace name tag for the next season of the game, along with 1600 silver fragments

Conqueror Tier Reward

The Conqueror tier is the most elite league of PUBG Mobile. It is the highest league and the most difficult to reach in the game. . For Season 19, the conqueror tier rewards are the Conqueror frame, mythic team effect, Season 19 Conqueror title, Conqueror name tag, and 2000 silver fragments for the next Season of the game. 

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